SomethingfromSarah was created in 2008 by London-based personal holistic chef Sarah Sugden. Originally from Australia, where a love of fresh food and the outdoors is deeply embedded in the country’s culture, Sarah is known for her creative yet unfussy approach to nutrition-based cooking.

Sarah’s belief is that wholesome fresh food, enjoyed in a positive and balanced way, is at the very heart of our well being, and SomethingfromSarah is very much an extension of that ideal. Her clients include a number of high-profile personalities based in Europe and the US.

After many years of preparing cleansing and rejuvenating food for celebrities, models entrepreneurs, Sarah has just launched the Body Reset Programme, for health-minded, time-poor Londoners in need of a little mind & body TLC. 

For me, the feeling of total body health comes from a daily awareness of how I feel, and what my body needs. It doesn’t come from a sudden change in behavior, or deciding to consume just liquids for a few days to ‘detox’. It’s about a conscious and ongoing mindfulness, changing certain habits over time, and creating an opportunity to feel good, healthy and strong.

Urban living can be really challenging at times. Constant exposure to pollution, emotional stress, rushed eating, sleep deprivation, lack of sunlight and fresh air - all place layer upon layer of stress on our bodies, and affect our ability to feel healthy, strong and vibrant. That’s why I created the Body Reset Programmes, to give your mind and body a rest, and an opportunity to reset. Quite simply, when you allow yourself a digestive break in the form of cleansing and rejuvenating foods, you’ll create an environment where your body can repair and regain a healthy body balance.


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