Originally from Australia, where a love of fresh food and the outdoors is deeply embedded in the country's culture, Sarah is known for her creative and inspired approach to health-focused cooking and her calm and organized persona.

Sarah has more than 12 years experience as a Personal Chef, creating bespoke results-focussed menu plans for high-profile actors, models and entrepreneurs, and curating food experiences for events across London and greater Europe. Sarah also cooks at yoga and wellbeing retreats.

Sarah's film credits include Wonder Woman, The Huntsman, The King, Aladdin, Kingsman: Golden Circle and 47 Ronin. 

In 2018 Sarah brought to market a range of Superfood Energy Balls under the brand The Bondi Kitchen - she now divides her time between between both businesses. 

If you have an event or occasion that you'd like Sarah and her team of dedicated Chefs to help with, get in touch. 

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